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About Us

Founded 2007, Transoceanic Projects & Development (K) Limited began as a traditional leasing Company focused on the high tech and manufacturing industries. Our initial experience with numerous industries showed us that a more comprehensive equipment leasing solution was necessary to develop flexibility for funding. The dramatic increase in technology available via the web allowed us to develop a new format for leasing which enabled our customers to increase the efficiency of their equipment leasing transactions. The resulting web interface which enables our customers to obtain instant approvals, documentation and administration through a simple browser.

Dynamic Equipment Leasing Now

Transoceanic's Online application enables both our customers and vendors to dynamically enter an application, receive an instant approval and manage documents online. This benefit enables the leasing process to be completed in minutes, as opposed to the multi-week process provided by regular leasing companies. completing the leasing process in minutes instead of weeks.

Commercial Leasing


In the U.S., Canada and Mexico, Transoceanic Projects & Development (K) Limited is a leading provider of business lending and leasing for companies of all sizes, in a wide array of industries. We work closely with our customers to provide business financing through purchase, lease and distribute equipment. We provide business capital for corporate Organization to manage large fleets of cars and other equipment.

Europe, Middle East & Africa

Transoceanic Projects & Development (K) Limited is one of the region's largest business lending organizations. We provide a wide range of business services such as fleet management, and leasing to businesses of all sizes in the region

Asia and the Pacific

Transoceanic Projects & Development (K) Limited has a strong presence across Asia and the Pacific, serving more than 15 million businesses and consumers in all major markets across the region. We offer a wide array of financial products and services to support the needs of our customers.

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