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Transoceanic Projects & Development Company, Inc., provides Warehousing Service.This service is for non-urgent freight-shipments that are to be delivered directly to one or several destinations and on different days and time frames. Our warehousing and exporting packaging facilities provide a full range of sevice to meet all requirements for ocean, air and domestic shipments, including the storage and 24-hour protection of Client cargoes.

Besides that we exclusively offer warehousing services to Companies and or Organizations which brought in their shipments but had not priorly organized storage services with their respective shippers.This service is available for large equipment, machinery or palletized items.

Our warehousing services include:-

 Modern and well-equipped warehouses.
 Adequate insured private warehousing space.
 Safe storage of goods.
 Control checks on entry & exit of goods.
 Adequate warehouse space both at the Airports and Seaports..

Click the links below to view our Regional Warehouse Facilities:-
(1) Aden Free Zone Warehouse

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