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Transoceanic Projects & Development Company, Inc.,has put in place tracking systems, mechanisms and a proactive approach to customer service. We always provide our Customers with timely updates about the status of their freight.These systems also provide our customer service teams with the tools to keep your shipment on schedule and to provide real time communications with you as our esteemed client.
. Material Receipt,
. Warehousing / Packaging,
. Freight Forwarding,
. Tracking Status,
. Invoicing,
. Project Verification.
International Freight Forwarding,
Export Packaging / Domestic-foregn,
. International Warehousing / Drayage,
. Custom House Brokers / Domestic-Foreign,
. Vessel Chartering / Clearing-Entry,
. Heavy-Lift Opeartions / Oversized Cargoes
. Hardardous Material handling.
P.O. Status Reports,
. Data Transfer,
. Web Tracking.
.Forwarding Updates.
.Coordinates w/clients' Expeditors,
. Cargo Monitoring,
. Distribution of Export Documentation,
. OS & D Resolution,
. Coordinates w/Jobsite for Efficient Importation of Goods,
. Remote Sites.

Our web-based cargo tracking system, C2C, provide our client with instant, real-time, 24/7 access to all information and documentation related to their shipment from any computer, any location, worldwide. Purchase orders are imported electronically, by sub-line item, and makes it immediately available to the client. It also provides complete information on all stages of a given shipment; displayed on a single page.

The moment each stage is completed C2C is instantly updated , providing clients with real-time information on the status of the cargo. This data can be accessed via this site 24/7 from any computer with internet access. This provides our clients with total purchase order availability whenever they wish to view the status of their orders.

In addition to our comprehensive tracking page, documents such as Material receipts, Commercial Invoices/Packaging List and AirwayBill/Bill of Lading can be printed to a local printer. Electronic Customs Automation is used for both exported and imported cargo. Information provided by C2C can also be downloaded into Microsoft Excel to provide the Client with customised reporting capabilities.

Transoceanic's state-of-the art data infrastructure allows for all methods of data transfer, such as flat file, EDI and XML. Security Systems can establish a Virtual Private Network (VPN) between Systems. Leased lines enable direct linkage between Systems.

High speed Internet connections provide superior response and minimal latency. Data can be transfered by means ranging from the simplest methods...to the most sophisticated. Most data files are transfered via e-mails and FTP, while formats include text delimited files, Excel, Access and XML. With C2C, project logistics information flow seamlessly.

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